The Everyday Peace Community

The Everyday Peace Community is a space where you can share your knowledge, experience, challenges, ask for support and advice, and connect with other everyday peacebuilders like you around the world.

The Everyday Peace Initiative is centered around one core idea: that ordinary people are key agents of peace. You do not need to be big or successful to make change. You do not even need to be part of an organization. You do not need to have a certain training or degree, or to embrace a certain worldview. You just need to be someone who wants a more peaceful environment: in your community, family, and even for yourself. 

Everyday Peace Research Community

A community of students and researchers from interdisciplinary and diverse backgrounds passionate about making an impact on the ground for peace and social change.

Everyday Peacebuilder Community

A community of people from any background passionate about making a difference in their communities and build more peace in their everyday environments.

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