The Everyday Peacebuilder Community

This community connects ‘everyday peacebuilders’ from all around the world who want to make a difference in their own life and community.

Our platform is still in a pre-launch phase, but we welcome friends of The Everyday Peace Initiative to sign up now and join a small group of pioneers!


Who is it for?

This membership is anyone who wants to take steps to make their life and community more peaceful, for example by:

  • Adopting nonviolence in their families, relationships, work environment and community
  • Transforming power relationships that affect their life or community
  • Addressing everyday forms of violence in their homes or community
  • Building strong, resilient, and connected communities
  • Resisting violent actors or switching to nonviolence
  • Building alternatives to violent cultures and structures
  • Resisting state and institutional violence
  • Decolonising and getting their agency back
  • Mutual support and sharing initiatives¬†

What are the benefits if I join?

  • You will be connected with other like-minded everyday peacebuilders
  • You will have access to resources produced by Everyday Peace Initiative members on these themes
  • You will have access to upcoming online seminars and workshops
  • You will have the opportunity to ask advice and suggestions to peace scholars or fellow everyday peacebuilders
  • You will be able to share updates on your peace efforts and get friendly feedback
  • You will be able to use The Everyday Peace Initiative digital platforms to promote your initiative or campaign

A peaceful and inclusive environment

In our community of scholars we want to practice the same peaceful environment that we want to promote in society. This is an opportunity to be part of an inclusive space for peace actors who may not have access to funding, resources, and technology , but could be valuable contributors to everyday peace. Moreover, this is an environment where we all can express ourselves and be supported without worry of being judged. Addressing everyday violence can be an intense emotional journey, and here is a space where you can share it with a like-minded community.

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