Does your family need more peace?

Family life is complicated. That’s because there are so many layers to it. Parenting, couple relationships, household management, economic needs, social standards, are just a few. I have found that many approaches focus only on one aspect of family life, especially parenting or couple relationship.

However,, making your home the peaceful and loving place you want it to be may mean to look at all these dimensions or just focus on one. It depends on your situation. Dr. Monica Carrer can help you discover the roots of chronic everyday conflicts in your family or parenting challenges.

Who is it for?

This is a flexible programme that can be used by parents with young children, teens, couples with or without children, adults and their parents, extended families, intercultural families, and migrant families parenting away from home. We can help with a broad range of issues.

What can we help you with?

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Mediation and reconciliation

How does it work?

Once you sign up you get access to your personal profile on our platform. There, you will find your worksheets, resources, journal, and action plans designed step by step especially for you. You will also have a dynamic map of goals that you can use to choose where you want to go next.

If you want to dig even deeper you can add live one-on-one session at anytime and book your appointments conveniently online!

Get started

Sign up for a free 7 days. You can get a lot even out of this alone. You can get personalised answers to your most burning questions, and of course, you can always upgrade later to continue your journey. What are you waiting for?


Standard plan: from 89NZD per month

Add talk-time:

Meet for a one-on-one sessions in Dunedin, or talk through videocall. If you live outside New Zealand, check out my availability and take into account the time zone.

1 Hour Talk Time: 89NZD

4 Hours Talk Time Package: 310 NZD

Can’t afford it? We are raising funds to make these services available to everyone. Just drop us a line explaining your situation and you will be added to our waiting list.