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Digital Features for Social Change

The Everyday Peace Community is a platform designed to support ‘everyday’ social change actors like you to boost their impact by learning, connecting, co-creating knowledge, collaborating, reaching out to a broader audience.

To get started, simply click here and go to ‘create an account’, it is all easy and free! Or download the App on your phone and create your account there.


Everything You Need

Social Network






Online Learning




Social networking features will allow you to connect within a community of likeminded people interested in social change.

The possibilities are endless: connect with your group, organise, reach out to a broader audience, amplify your message, brainstorm new ideas.


Create your profile, with special fields dedicated to your social change interests and experience.


activity feed

Post on your feed text, images, documents, links, emojis, and more, and decide who can see it.


Connect with or follow other members.


Message members you are connected with.

special profiles

Find experts through their special profiles: researchers, advocates, legal advisors, social entrepreneurs, artists, authors, mental health practitioners, and educators.

invite members

Easily invite members to join you directly from the platform.



Upload and organise media and documents into folders, and decide who can see them.

anonymous posting

Choose whether to show your nickname on your post, or post anonymously. (Only on browser)


collaborate on documents

Create documents that others can join in and edit. Choose who can see or edit the documents. (On browser only)


Join existing groups or create new ones. This is where much of the action will happen. As a group manager, you will have access to all the features below, from messaging, organise resource libraries, collaborating on documents, to scheduling Zoom meetings. To start creating and managing a group, go to Catalyst Membership.


Engage with as many members as you want in your group.


activity feed

Share multi media posts in your group feed.


Easily message your group members. Choose whether to message the whole group or selected members.

group visibility

Set you group as public, private, or hidden.



Create as many subgroups as you like. Subgroups as all the functionalities as groups have.

group types

Select a group type between: Cause, Community, Research Group, Movement, Organisation, Support Network, Geographical community.



Create a forum for your group to facilitate conversations and organising.



Organise documents and media into folders that group members can access.


collaborate on documents

Select a group type between: Cause, Community, Research Group, Movement, Organisation, Support Network, Geographical community.

organise zoom meetings

Connect your Zoom account to your group and schedule meetings directly from within the group. Your group members will be able to join in one click! (Browser only)

turn meetings into a resource library

Share and organise resources from past Zoom meetings with your group video recordings, audio recordings, transcripts, and chat files (depending on your configured Zoom meeting settings, and only on browser).

schedule recurring events

Schedule recurring sessions for your virtual events, meetings, action, or classes for your group through Zoom. (Browser only)


Forums are structured to facilitate conversations and discussions. As you can easily visualise the whole structured conversation, you can create new topics or jump in right where you want to. This is a great tool for group collaboration as well as mutual support.


core forums

Contribute to conversations in our three core forums: the Brainstorm Room, the Organising and Collaborating Room, and ‘Needs’, a room where you can ask and offer support.


group forums

Join group forums or create a forum for your own group.


anonymous posting

Schedule recurring sessions for your virtual events, meetings, action, or classes for your group through Zoom. (Browser only)

multimedia posting

Customise your forum posting through text editing options, emojis, GiFs, images, link previews, attach documents, and more.

Online Learning

Knowledge is an important part of social change, and this is why it is one of our priorities. The Everyday Peace Community platform and App have powerful Learning Management System with digital courses, and the possibility for you to teach your own!

social change courses

Access any of our courses dedicated to peace, social justice, social change for free.

app experience

Download courses on your library in the App and access them online or offline.

community experience

Experience learning or teaching as a group experience through social groups attached to the course, and engage with students/ instructor.

multimedia resources

Courses support a variety of multimedia resources, including videos, images, quizzes, and 5HP.


track progress

Mark topics and lessons as ‘complete’.


teach a course

Teach your courses by joining the Catalyst Membership. You will get full support in developing and teaching your course.


Use the wallet to donate to course instructor or, if you teach a course, receive contributions for your course.

live sessions

Schedule or join live teaching session from groups linked to a course.


Manage quizzes and assignments directly from the platform if your course requires so.


The Everyday Peace Community Events Calendar is a hub for all your events that bring people together for change, whether through meetings, actions, workshops, lectures, seminars, circles, concerts, art events…

events calendar

All the events are displayed on our calendar and visible to the public. Events can be searched through an advanced search bar and displayed in different ways.


In person events will be displayed on the Map and can be found by members in your location.

virtual events

Virtual events are supported and the calendar will show a ‘virtual’ label.

free events

All the events are free to attend. You will be able to contribute to the event organiser through the wallet.


Use the wallet to donate to event organisers or, if you are the organiser, receive contributions for your event.


submit your event

You may submit and manage your events through the Catalyst Membership. You will have full support for your event listing and management.

event page

Every event has a beautifully designed event page which will be generated form you simply by filling a form, and can be customised to your liking.

share event

Share events pages anywhere on social media or other applications. 


Event organisers will be able to register attendees through RSVP form and manage them from your dashboard.

zoom sessions

Link your Zoom details to the event. Choose whether to show them on the event page, or just to registered attendees.

social groups

Create a group for your attendees and engage with them from there before and/or after the session. 

live stream

Embed your Facebook, Youtube, or Video livestream directly on the platform.


Host virtual events with multiple sessions and streams (Get in touch with us to discuss your project)

Recurring events

Recurring events can be scheduled in one click and displayed in the calendar.

schedule video links

Schedule your video or livestream links until just before the event starts.


A hub to share, find, and join social change ‘opportunities’ from careers, funding, scholarships, call for papers, contributing to research projects and more.

job listings

Search or list job vacancies for your social change career.


Search or list funding opportunities.


Search or list funding for studying and research on social change related topics.


calls for papers

Search or list calls for papers opportunities for publications, conferences, or other projects related to social change.

research participants

Collaborate with researchers to help with social change research, or list your call for research participants.

manage your listings

Manage your listings from your dashboard through the Catalyst Membership. Allow applicants to apply directly from the platform if you wish so, or link to existing application form/ portal.

Everyday Peace Blog

The Everyday Peace Blog is a chance to read about perspectives on peace, social change, social justice, projects, research, implementing action, critique of popular culture from a peace perspective, and much more!

pulic content

Blog posts are visible for free to all the members of the Everyday Peace Community, visible on the App, and visible to the public (unless made private by the author).

share posts

Blog posts can be shared anywhere on social media or other applications.

multimedia content

The blog supports different media including images and videos.


submit your blog

Submit your blog posts is an easy process through the Catalyst Membership simply by filling a form.



Blog posts can be shared anywhere on social media or other applications.


Use the wallet to donate to an author or, if you are the author, receive contributions for your posts.


We looked for a way to give access to social change content for free so it can be available to everyone, and at the same time support content creators. The wallet allow you to do this!

add credit to your wallet

Add credit to your wallet from your wallet dashboard available on the browser. All the credit you get will be stored here, no fees deducted.

donate to content creators

Donate the amount you wish to blog posts, events, or courses. You will find a ‘Donate’ button and you will be able to select the amount. In this way you can easily give small amounts. Some creators may make a suggestion for amounts that would make their work sustainable.

receive contributions

Receive donations for your content. Check the amount on your wallet dashboard and request payments to be transferred to you.

App Experience

The EverydayPeace Community is available as a mobile App that you can download on your mobile phone! This means that it will be very easy for your to access your content from their phones, too, and receive notification.

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