‘For the Wild’ Podcast: The Militarization of Pågan and Defending Island Sovereignty


“The military is known for arriving, taking Indigenous lands, polluting it, and then just turning their backs…”

Dr Frain assisted with logistical support to create the For the Wild podcast discussing the Militarization of Pågan and Defending Island Sovereignty.

Listen here: http://forthewild.world/listen/cinta-kaipat-on-the-militarization-of-pagan-and-defending-island-sovereignty-129?fbclid=IwAR3IxC5xznHsjUdppiPSP-N3h7_ukpamz6RMe6nXHm9WUd4SgYgM56RgYf8

“Cinta M. Kaipat, of Refaluwash-Chamorro descent, is an advocate for Indigenous Refaluwash (Carolinian) rights; preservation of Indigenous cultural practices and beliefs; and promotion of responsible environmental stewardship in the Marianas. Cinta is an attorney, a former Assistant Attorney General; a former Congresswoman; and a former Hearing Officer, as well as a former Deputy Secretary for the Department of Labor. She founded Beautify CNMI!, co-founded PaganWatch, and co-founded the Alternative Zero Coalition, which was newly formed in 2015 to advocate for and protect the Mariana Islands, especially Pagan and Tinian, from irreparable destruction at the hands of the U.S. military and its allies.”