The purpose of The Everyday Peace Initiative is to bridge academic and ordinary people’s knowledge about peace and conflict.

Our Research Collective conducts and disseminates peace research, with the aim at putting together a range of tools, knowledge and resources to help people understand violence and define strategies to address it. The Everyday Peace Research Collective is managed by Dr. Sylvia Frain.

The Everyday Peace Initiative offers research-based consulting services to organizations such as government agencies, NGOs, social enterprises, businesses and institutions who need to gain insights into social issues and achieve a deep understanding of people’s perspective. We can also help institutions improve their ‘peace footprint’.

The Everyday Peace Academy offers peace education programmes and peace consulting services to assist individuals, families and organizations implement peace in their own environment. Dr. Monica Carrer manages our peace services. The Everyday Peace Initiative can provide support services to families dealing with everyday forms of violence. We are also happy to help individuals and families in New Zealand and around the world building peace in their communities, and we are looking forward to building partnerships with other organizations involved in building everyday peace.