The Everyday Peace Initiative offers specialized research-based consulting services to entities who operate in social, political, and economic fields. We can help addressing a variety of social issues including:

  • Community building
  • Gender relationships
  • Family violence
  • Youth violence
  • Bullyism
  • Social services
  • Gender violence and inequality
  • Race and ethnicity relationship
  • Poverty, marginalization, structural violence
  • Migration
  • Inter-group relationships
  • Disability
  • Peace education
  • Refugee settlement
  • Conflict mediation

Our distinctive methods allow us to collect and analyze rich data to gain a deep understanding of social reality. Though we use rigorous and systematic methods and strategies, our research is not about numbers: it is about people. Our work focuses on bringing out people’s voices and connecting with them. Through our consulting services you can learn about the views, perspectives, and experiences of a target population, and engage with people and involve them in finding appropriate solutions to social problems that affect them directly.


Our highly qualified team of researchers can design and carry out research projects on a wide variety of social issues. Our methodologies include in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographic observation, and critical discourse analysis. We can collect, analyse and use different kinds of data, including text, visual, audio, and video resources. Research outputs may include reports, publications, seminars, advice and policy recommendations, multimedia outputs, and more.

Project/ policy evaluation

We can help you assess the social impact a certain project or policy through ad hoc research plan. Our evaluation will be particularly suitable for organizations seeking to achieve an in-depth understanding of how the target beneficiaries experience and feel about the project/ policy.

Project/ policy planning

We can assist in designing and developing new projects and policies in the areas stated above. We can use our inter-disciplinary expertise in Peace and Conflict Studies for projects that aim at improving social relationships and collective wellbeing in the community. Our policy design will include engagements with the target population and we will integrate their views to envision inclusive, effective, and dynamic social solutions.

Everyday peace training, advice, and support for staff

Everyday interactions matter for peace. We can help your organization promote peace through interactive programs for your staff. Our peace programme will be tailored especially for the needs of your team, and it may include an analysis of practices and interaction within the organization and/ or between staff and the public. This can be particularly helpful for teams working with ‘vulnerable’ groups. We will discuss strategies to improve relationships of power, gender, and between different social groups, and more in general, to make the working environment more positive and peaceful for all.

Analysis of discourse and practices

As discourse analysis specialists, we are available to conduct analysis of media produced by your organization and provide suggestions on how to make it the most inclusive and peace oriented. We will look at dimensions including the representation of violence (broadly understood), gender, minorities and social groups. The lenses of analysis can be tailored to your specific needs.

Peace and violence are not universal concepts. They may have different meanings in different cultures, and they are defined by people themselves through their experiences. Thus, we do not impose predefined concepts and values; we explore what these mean in the specific context we work in.