Our peace consultations help people deal with unresolved conflicts and/ or build more positive, peaceful relationships in everyday environments: at home, in the workplace, at school, among groups of peers, with institutions, and more. We can help:

  • Manage and transform everyday conflicts.
  • Improve social relationships.
  • Find out how subtle forms of power and violence affect you.
  • Learn to communicate effectively and nonviolently.
  • Respond to violent and hurtful interactions.
  • Develop your peaceful strategy to change the world, starting from somewhere close!

Our peace consultations do not simply teach one-fits-all techniques. We investigate the roots of conflicts in your specific situation and find out what works for you.

What kind of violence do we deal with?

Violence may have many different shades. It could be physical, harassment, yelling at home, an unfair arrangement, self-harm, prejudice, having no-one who cares, poverty, and more. The point is, it hurts.

What kind of peace are we talking about?

You define your own peace, your goals, the peace that matters to you. Whatever peace feels truly YOURS.

What happens during our sessions?

Our consultations are based on a narrative approach. In other words, we work on your story. The stories we tell ourselves have all the elements we need to look at: context, meaningful events, explanations, characters, emotions, norms, desires, and needs. As a critical discourse analysis specialist, I analyse these elements and create a narrative map. We then look at it together and you choose what you want to explore further or transform. We can find out about what triggers conflict in your environment, what are your needs and strengths to achieve change. Through this process we can also find out about the influence of social factors and highlight not so obvious forms of violence and power that may be affecting your life. These may include the influence of institutions or other power relationships in your life, or cultural constructs such as gender, race, ethnicity, and so on.

The narrative approach can also help deepening empathy and build positive social relationships through role play or exploring alternative points of view. It can be particularly useful for people who struggle to express their emotions, even with their loved one. We can work on finding ways to create more space so that everyone feels listened. Together, we will explore strategies to manage and transform everyday conflicts and struggles, establish positive relationships, and create stable foundations for a more peaceful and happy everyday.

Are peace consultations different from counselling or psychological therapy?

Yes. Peace consultations are rooted in the interdisciplinary field of peace and conflict. They are NOT a form of psychological treatment. If there are mental health concerns, we are happy to work in tandem with mental health professionals.

Who runs the sessions?

Dr. Monica Carrer specialist in peace and conflict studies as a researcher and practitioner. Her research focuses on micro-level dynamics of conflict and highlights the role of families in building peace.

Are the sessions confidential?

Providing a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment for our sessions is my priority. I am also committed to respect all cultures and people’s diversity. You are welcome to raise any culturally sensitive matter that is important to you at any time. In case of need, we might consult or work with a cultural mediator or other specialists.

Contact us NOW to learn more or book a first free appointment without commitment. I am based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Online sessions are available for people overseas.

Online sessions are also available.