Marianas History Conference at the University of Guam

Dr Sylvia Frain will co-present with Jim Marbook at the 4th Marianas History Conference to be held at the University of Guam August 31 – September 1st.

“Digital cultural preservation of the Mariana Islands through collaborative story-telling”

Abstract: As a researcher and filmmaker, we strive for digital cultural preservation through the combination of Oceanic knowledge(s) and new technologies. Our aim is tocollaboratively develop digital storytelling methods and document moving images of culture and audio recordings of oral histories of the Marianas Archipelago. Conceptualized as a form of digital participatory action research, our approach includes the communities’ input and vision at every stage to record the forms of knowledge(s) which they deem important for future generations. Our contribution is through technical knowledge and filmmaking expertise combined with access to professional filming equipment and informs our new media research. Visual and audio data collectionmay include multigenerational interviews, aerial perspectives, drone footage, as well as underwater shots. The intended outcome is to create a Marianas methodology of cultural preservation for digital dissemination and accessible archives across new media platforms.