The Everyday Peace Toolkit project is all about researching and publishing tools and strategies that people can implement themselves to build peace in their own lives and communities. Is there anything that people can do when they find themselves in a situation of violence to have better chances to de-escalate the situation and stay safe?


The project starts with a systematic research on how people may respond to everyday forms of violence through nonviolent strategies. It looks at what people do when they face a situation of everyday violence in order to de-escalate it or avoid it, for example in circumstances such as bullyism, sexual violence, domestic violence, aggression, institutional violence , discrimination, and more.

The research process involves an interdisciplinary review of the academic literature, and it also includes people’s knowledge as valuable and important.

Would you like to contribute? Your experience, whether successful or unsuccessful, could help others. It does not necessarily have to be about a physical form of violence. It could be any situation where you felt that your dignity was violated, or your agency taken away from you. If you do, get in touch here.

Community Engagement

Through this project, while gathering data, we will also create an online network where people from different communities can share their knowledges to support one another. Participants will be able to join the Everyday Peace Community and share their stories, connect with people in similar situations, and get access to resources and support.

The Toolkit

The research findings will then be used to produce free digital resources for members of the public. The Toolkit will include practical tools and suggestions in various formats, such as articles, blog posts, infographics and videos.

This project is funded by Peace and Disarmament Education Trust.

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