The Walking Dead, Season 9, Episode 9 Review: Affinity with the Dead

Having a close affinity with the dead, in this show, has an important metaphorical meaning. It is a way of showing the dark side of a group or character. In case of good characters, having an affinity with the dead tells us that they are going through complex inner struggles. Hence, for them, switching between the dead and the living is a way of showing how their inner struggles are progressing.

Six Meanings of Walker Kills in ‘The Walking Dead’ – Video

In 'The Walking Dead', we frequently see people taking our walkers in various circumstances. Are these kills random? Not really. Each one of them tells us something. Sure, walkers remind us that we are still in a post-apocalyptic scenario, and sometimes these kills reveal something about where the plot is going. But in most cases, … Continue reading Six Meanings of Walker Kills in ‘The Walking Dead’ – Video