The Academic Membership is for students and scholars from interdisciplinary and diverse backgrounds who want to boost their engagement with the community to implement everyday peace.

Who is it for?

This membership is for you if you are a student or scholar and you have been asking yourself any of the following questions:

  • How can my research make a tangible positive impact in the community?
  • How can I create research outputs that make may research available to a local target community?
  • How can I include and honor people’s peace knowledge in my research process?
  • How do my relationships and life experiences influence my journey as a researcher?
  • How do I increase meaningful and respectful engagement with the people and communities I interact with during my research process?
  • How can I contribute to decolonizing peace research?

What are the benefits when I join?

  • You will be connected with other like-minded scholars to continue a conversation on these themes
  • You will have access to resources produced by Everyday Peace Initiative members on these themes
  • You will have access to upcoming online seminars and workshops
  • You will have the opportunity to ask advice and suggestions to other peace scholars and students
  • You will be able to share your work in progress and get friendly feedback
  • You will be able to publish blog posts in the Everyday Peace Blog

 A peaceful and inclusive environment for academics

In our community of scholars we want to practice the same peaceful environment that we want to promote in society. This is an opportunity to be part of an inclusive space for students and scholars who may have challenges in mainstream academic environments due to power structures, but could be valuable contributors to everyday peace. Moreover, this is an environment where we all can express ourselves and be supported without worry of being judged. Studying, researching, and experiencing peace related matters can be an intense emotional journey, and here is a space where you can share it with a like-minded community.

  • We welcome scholars and students at any stage of their career
  • We welcome scholars and students from non-Western countries and backgrounds
  • We welcome independent scholars

What you don’t need to worry about if you join:

  • Making a commitment: you can join and leave whenever you want.
  • Workload: there are no expectations. You can be as active as you wish, and you are free to take part in activities you are interested in. No strings attached! 


There are no fees, but you will be encouraged to make a donation that you can afford. We use a trust model: just donate what you feel you can afford and feels right. How much you do or do not contribute has absolutely no repercussions on your membership. If you can contribute, however, it will help us cover the costs and set up a fund for everyday peacebuilders to access services like coaching and training offered by academic members – maybe you! 

How to join

Drop your email below to connect with our community and receive updates. You can also join our new Facebook group here.

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