Resilient Women


Women’s Circle facilitated by Dr Monica Carrer


Free tickets and free childminding service available. Limited seats. 

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‘Resilient Women’ are sessions where we look at how to get back a sense of dignity and control in your life, if you have experienced relationships that have put you down and eroded your self-confidence. You will find out how to shift relationships that hurt and re-discover your own strength and power, based on Dr. Monica Carrer’s recent research.

From Thursday 13 August 2020 at 1.PM 

Mornington Playcentre

The sessions are completely free. Children are welcome. If you want to use our free childminding service, you will be able to book it once you register.

This is NOT:

  • therapy
  • you do NOT need your partner to cooperate (you do not even need to have a partner in your life!)
  • it does not put pressure on you by telling you what decisions you should make in your life. Your decisions are totally yours!

What this IS:

  • A safe space where you will safely be vulnerable and respected at the same time. You will not be looked down because of your background, feelings, experiences, or choices.
  • Interactive sessions during which Monica Carrer, PhD will be sharing her approach to self-transformation based on her research on power, everyday violence, and everyday peace.
  • A circle of women where you can build long-lasting relationships and mutual support with like-minded women in your community.
  • A group  where women from all backgrounds, ability, and sexual orientation are welcome. We recognize that your gender identity is what you choose, too.
  • Women who have experienced feeling hurt and put down in institutional environments, including experiences of detention, seclusion, restraint, or child uplift are also welcome to attend. Learning how to transform power dynamics can help dealing with those relationships, too.  
  • Get access to online resources and support between sessions


 This project is funded by DCC Community Grants

No worries! Your email is safe with me!

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