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How Village Women Stood Up to Violent Forces

What I found out was that the local people did so much to stand up against violence, even when their were threatened and so many of them killed. The lessons I have learn from the people - especially the women - of Lalgarh are what inspired me to look for everyday peace around me. I kept thinking: what if it happened here, in the society I live in? Would we be able, in our society, to stand united and resist violence?

Solidarity Beyond Victimhood

Last Tuesday, after attending a Race Relations Week event, I was at the public garden with my children, still wearing traditional Indian clothes. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, just four days after the massacre in Christchurch. That day, I was approached several times by random people, all trying to to find nice words to … Continue reading Solidarity Beyond Victimhood

Making room for peace in academia

I was delighted when, a few weeks back, I stumbled upon a discussion on social media where scholars talked about avoiding academic conferences to reduce their carbon footprint. I was even more delighted when it was acknowledged that there are other structural challenges that stop researchers and students from around the world from attending international … Continue reading Making room for peace in academia

The Representation of Gender and Power in ‘Game of Thrones’

The past eight seasons have brought the game of thrones to be ruled by powerful women. The men, in the meantime, worked for honor, redemption, and to save humanity. As the show gets closer to its end, we will also see what role women will play in the epic conclusion.

The Walking Dead, Season 9, Episodes 13-16: From Civilisation to Cold War

As season 9 comes to an end, it is a good time to look at where the core themes and storylines brought us. While viewers might have anticipated a bloody conclusion to the season, the finale ends with a cold war situation - literally. Though the finale might have felt uneventful in terms of action, at the same time it wraps up the themes of the season and brakes away from them in unexpected ways. This cold war feel might make you long even more for a violent confrontation at this point. If so, why?